In a previous post (see How does Pivotal sends emails?) I explained the two methods Pivotal has to send an email: via SMTP or using the email client, depending on whether the email is being sent client-side or server-side and the SMTP options configured for system.

In this article I will provide more information on how to configure Pivotal to always send emails using SMTP, on the client and on the server side. It turns out that when you use the Pivotal Configuration Utility tool, when you set the server to use SMTP, the following information gets written on the registry:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Reply To"="someemail@company.com"

(the key above is for x64 OS. If configuring an x86 OS then the key is [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pivotal\Email])

You can just create a .reg file with the text above and write this info on any machine where Pivotal runs, and emails will be sent using SMTP. You can also create the above registry entries in a client machine and have the client send SMTP emails as well!

Ah, and this also works for Pivotal 5.9 server side!

So, stop using the Outlook profile to send emails and use SMTP instead.


Comment by NIKI CREEL

Invaluable ideas ! I was fascinated by the info - Does anyone know if my assistant might be able to get access to a fillable Pivotal to work with ?